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Summer School Guidance
Free support to pick & book summer schools
Free Support To Pick & Book Summer School
College Connections has placed students at a range of prestigious summer schools, including Philips Exeter & Harvard. We provide expert guidance free of charge to students aged 11 to 18 on how to spend their summers. Would your child like to improve their English? Learn how to code? We will find the right choice.
Private School Guidance
Support in choosing & applying to the right school
Support in choosing & applying to the right school
Selecting the right school for your child can be daunting. Dee Francken, College Connection's Private School Guidance Consultant, has over 30 years experience in private British education. Dee was Senior Teacher at North London Collegiate School (the only school to be named twice Sunday Times School of the Year).
I.B., A-level, Pre-U and French BAC tutors
Expert Academic Tutoring
Often due to factors outside of their control, a student's aspirations may not match their current academic results. Solid predicted grades are required to secure offers from top universities. Once both the desired predicted grades and university offers are secured, students must ensure that they achieve these grades. We provide direct, expert tuition (either online or in-person).
University Guidance
U.S., Canada, U.K. & E.U. application support
University Guidance
College Connections has pioneered the use of mentorship as a tool for helping young students make the transition from school to university. We pair students with mentors currently attending their "dream school”, be that a Russell Group university or an Ivy League college. One of our mentors will help guide your child through the process.
Private Mentoring
Helping students find their true, most authentic selves
Helping students find their true, most authentic selves
According to a recent article in the F.T., parents are hiring consultants to begin planning their child's future at the age of six months, looking to gain access to the right kindergarten as "a stepping stone to Harvard." College Connections instead hopes to mentor students from the age of 7 to help them imagine their future.
Graduate Guidance
Helping students & parents plan life after university
Helping students & parents plan life after university
Now more than ever, beginning to plan for your child's future after they finish their studies is crucial. Youth unemployment is at an all time high. The job market is changing constantly, and new careers and professions are developing at an increasingly high rate. College Connections help students navigate this complex time.

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Andres Olivares
Chief Scientist
An accomplished mathematician, physicist and experienced tutor, Andres provides scientific accountability to College Connections.
Arthur Perissich
An ex-Google & Altran intern, Arthur brings dynamism and strategic insights to College Connections.
Max Dunhill
Managing Director
Max is the founder of College Connections.
Dee Francken
Private School Placements
Dee was formerly Senior Teacher at North London Collegiate School, and looks after private school admissions.

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College Connections has been advising students on their applications to elite British and American educational establishments, as well as supplying them with tutors and educational consultants, for nearly ten years. We provide mentorship for students of all ages, from secondary school to post-graduate study. We don’t just teach facts. We help you find your own way of learning, and teach you how to apply your knowledge on a practical level. We don’t just coach sports. We show you how to see exams and interviews as opportunities to perform. We cultivate intellectual curiosity, academic ability, and confidence.

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Download Study Skills Guide
By the College Connections Team
April, 22 2019
With exams only a matter of weeks away for some students, click here now to download today our 18 page free Study Skills Guide.
College Connections Appoints Chief Scientist
September, 3rd 2018
To support its continued growth, College Connections, a leading data-driven marketplace for international students seeking tutors and mentors, is delighted to announce the appointment of Andres Olivares-Del-Campo to the newly created position of Chief Scientist.
Self-Optimization For Study Success
March, 9 2017
Exam preparation is as much about working through the right material with the right teacher as it is about health, well-being and fitness. For example, the only exam I ever scored 100% on was the one that I ran before (my I.B. Standard Level English exam). I attribute my 42 points...